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About Soundscapes


Soundscapes is a free Health & Productivity app for iOS. With our ambient music (“Soundscape”) selection it becomes easy to transform your living or working spaces into calm and productive environments.


Our goal for Soundscapes is to help people lead happier, more successful lives through complimenting their study, working or even storefront spaces.


In recent studies there are examples of ambient music improving focus and peoples ability to learn and retain information.

We believe that with continued study, it is not unreasonable to think Soundscapes will be proven to help improve mood and emotional wellbeing too!

Real world use (preferred)

iPhone 6S with headphones

iPhone 6S

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The Team

Soundscapes is being crafted by Defusion Design.

We are a 2 man team operating out of Adelaide and Canberra, two capital cities in the great southern island of Australia.


The idea came to us after discussing our own shared frustrations with the current state of ambient music apps on iOS, as none of them provided the exact balance between ease-of-use and variety we were looking for.


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Contact Details

Soundscapes has a dedicated Facebook page as well as a more personal Twitter account.


You may email us at and either Daniel or Tally will get back to you as soon as possible!


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